27 years later, Berkeley County family still seeks answers in 5-year-old boy's death

Investigators search for Justin Lee Turner

A family is renewing their calls for justice in a Berkeley County cold case.

Five-year-old Justin Lee Turner was found dead in his father's Moncks Corner camper on March 5th, 1989. His stepmother called the sheriff's office to report him missing just two days earlier.

"The day he went missing, his grandfather -- he got the phone call that Justin had not gotten off the bus and was missing," Turner's cousin Denise Finley said.

The only suspect ever charged in this case was Turner's step mother, Pamela Turner, but the charges were dropped. Investigators say there was never any physical evidence to prove it.

"No DNA evidence will ever go back to solve this case because it had a right to be where it was at," investigator Sydney Wrenn explained. "No hair particles could ever be brought back because it had a right to be where it was at."

Wrenn said all he ever had was circumstantial evidence. Evidence he believes, had he had the chance, could have led to a considerable case against Turner's step mother.

Wrenn said the search for five-year-old Turner began the day he disappeared. He said dozens of investigators were on Victor Lee Turner's property all weekend long. Wrenn said he finds it suspicious no investigator was able to find the child's body in the camper.

The elder Turner allegedly found the body Sunday.

"Pulled the cabinet right open and said -- 'here he is here he is'," Wrenn recalled. "'I found him.' This is what they told me, and of course, he was dead."

Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis said Wednesday investigators searched the spot where Turner was found several times. He said reports indicate he wasn't there before.

"It's the first opportunity we've had in many years to meet with the sheriff," Turner's cousin Amy Parsons said. "They currently have a new set of eyes looking at the case and are hoping to pursue some things."

It has been 27 years since investigators say Turner was molested and strangled. She said she's hopeful Lewis can close this case.

Most of all, she said she hopes someone will come forward.

"Somebody has lived with this for 27 years," Parsons said. "That's a long time to live like this with a weight on your shoulder. Come forward. End it now. It's as simple as that."

Lewis said there is some evidence in the 27-year-old reports he believes he may be able to use.

He said he has reopened the case and is hoping for the best.

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