4 AM Divas: Staying safe while getting fit in the new year

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A few weeks into the New Year, hopefully you are one of the few sticking to your resolutions to get fit. It may mean waking up extra early or staying up late and working out in the dark. Have you considered the dangers? ABC News 4 is teaching you how to stay safe while going the extra mile.

The clock has struck 4 a.m. and the 4 AM Divas are preparing for their morning run on a dimly lit track. And they’re making sure they know how to stay safe.

The Divas found each other on Facebook; running was their connection.

But there was something else, “A couple ladies in our group have been attacked,” Latessia Grice said.

They found strength in numbers and a newfound awareness from Matt Robinson of Charleston Krav Maga and MMA. “We look at how people get attacked and we deal with that directly.” Robinson said.

Krav Maga is an Israeli form of self-defense. Robinson usually teaches inside, under lights. He said groups like the 4 AM Divas are targets, moving targets. He added it’s good to learn outside and in the dark. “It was incredibly easy for me to hide behind those bushes. I doubt, if I really wanted to, I doubt they would’ve seen me back there.”

Robinson said simple techniques are key. “We come up with as few solutions to the problem as possible.”

Robinson suggests you use your body parts to free yourself. “She can’t get out right away, so she’s going to throw her rear elbows to me. Exactly! And what I want her to do is when she does this, is really get kind of crazy with it and rotate, rotate. I’m trying to catch their face to loosen his grip so that I can turn and face the fight," he said as he demonstrated a technique to the Divas.

Robinson said he typically will use his core to throw a technique. He said it will put your body in a position to throw your attacker to the ground.

Meanwhile, if you’re facing your attacker, “Take her hand and she’s going to put it behind the back of my neck, her elbow comes down, this creates offense because if my head can get to her body I have the ability to take her to the ground.”

Use your knees to immobilize them. “The other hand is going to grab my elbow or grab my arm, somewhere in the triceps area. Her right knee goes back behind her, and she’s going to blast it in the pad. Boom, yes, exactly!” Robinson added.

The 4 AM Divas carry certain insurance policies to see where they are going, “A bright light on top of your head or on your body somewhere where it’s shining forward so one, you can see the trail you’re on, two, it was very hard for me to see who was who in that pack.” Robinson said.

Latessia Grice reminds the group of their number one rule. “We make sure that we don’t leave anyone behind, so if we go up forward, we make sure we come back to get the rest of the group.”

The 4 AM Divas and Robinson also suggest running without head phones so you’re able to hear what’s going on around you.

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