65 jellyfish stings treated in one day at Charleston beaches

A dead jellyfish stranded, washed ashore on a South Carolina beach. (Thinkstock/marcusamelia)

Lifeguards at Charleston County Parks had a busy day Friday treating beachgoers who got stung by jellyfish.

The largest number of those stings were reported on Isle of Palms.

Sarah Reynolds, at Charleston County Parks, said as of late afternoon on Aug. 10, county lifeguards treated:

  • 41 reported jellyfish stings at IOP.
  • 5 reported jellyfish stings at Folly Pier.
  • 15 reported jellyfish stings at Beachwalker.

Isle of Palms Fire Chief Ann Graham said the department treated an additional four people, bringing the total to 65 stings, 45 at Isle of Palms.

Reynolds said these numbers are not uncommon for August.

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