A look at the new ABC News 4 Traffic Tracker vehicle

ABC News 4 Traffic Tracker Vehicle

The Toyota of Charleston Traffic Tracker is driven weekday mornings by Trooper Bob. It’s the only car of its kind in the Lowcountry.

The WiFi equipped Traffic Tracker has all the bells and whistles.

“This vehicle if outfitted with six cameras, four on the roof, and two inside the vehicle. This allows us to see over traffic," Trooper Bob says. "So, I start off talking to the viewers, then I flip that one button and it shows them what the road ways are like.”

Every morning, Trooper Bob is in constant communication with Traffic Anchor Megan Rivers.

“This unity allows me to hear Megan in the studio and it allows me to talk back to Megan,” Bob said.

The dynamic duo is the only Traffic Team in the Lowcountry,

“We’re able to show you live what we’re seeing on our roadways, right as we see it,” said Trooper Bob.

If you spot the Traffic Tracker and Trooper Bob out and about in the Lowcountry, snap a photo and send it to us! (CLICK HERE)

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