A West Ashley mother uses her car to spread the word for finding a kidney for her son

A mother spreads the word about looking for a kidney donor for her son who has Alport Syndrome (WCIV)

Lashonda Pugh is a mother of three children. Her oldest son Daniel Jones Jr. was diagnosed with Alport syndrome at the age of 4.

Alport Syndrome is a disease that is hereditary, and can affect the liver, as well as a person's vision and hearing.

Now 23-years-old, Daniel says he undergoes dialysis three times a week just to keep himself up and moving, but he's still is unable to do the physical activities he really wants to do, like basketball or shopping.

After receiving news that one of Daniel's kidney had failing, Pugh says as a mother she felt helpless.

“It hurts me, even some time at work I want to cry, because there is nothing I can do for him.”

Desperate to find an AB-positive kidney donor, Pugh posted a message on the back of her car window with this message: "My son needs a kidney to live. Please call 843-478-1062. Blood type AB Positive. Please Help."

Pugh says she felt compelled to write the message on the back of her car, hoping it will catch the eye of a potential donor. “I just want him to see my son live a normal life, just like anybody else.”

According to the Alport Syndrome Foundation, Alport diseases is rare, an affects less than 200,000 people in the U.S.

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