Actress Alyssa Milano's #Metoo hashtag taking social media by storm overnight

Alyssa Milano (MGN)

In an attempt to show women of the world that they are not alone, Actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter Sunday to urge women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted to write “Me too” on their timeline.

This comes after the Harvey Weinstein scandal where Weinstein is accused of sexually harassing multiple women in Hollywood.

The movement took off... Women listened and in the matter of hours tweets with the words “me too” took over the Twittersphere.

According to reports, 200,000 tweets with the two words were tweeted out by 4 A.M. Monday morning.

Facebook also joined the movement with nearly 80,000 friends making “me too” trend.

Many women shared their personal accounts of being assaulted, this helped other women open up the conversation.

Once reading the many tweets associated with the hashtag, many men allied around the women showing their support of speaking out against what is known as "rape culture."

Even celebrities got on board with the movement, telling their powerful stories about harassment they have faced in the industry.

Even more people trying to find ways to help survivors of sexual abuse heal.

According to reports, the #MeToo hashtag is trending worldwide - including in the UK, US, India and Pakistan. Helping to illustrate the magnitude of sexual abuse women (and men) face.

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