Adoption group helps families adopt children of various ages for virtually free

    Brothers up for adoption through the Heart Gallery. (WCIV)

    A South Carolina group is helping kids seeking adoption find their forever families, and they're doing it free of charge.

    "It's all free of charge," said Clark Smith, Chairman of the Board for The Heart Gallery. The group makes profiles complete with pictures and videos for hundreds of children looking for adoption.

    The Heart Gallery works with the Department of Social Services.

    "We want families to take our children," said Jackie Adams, an adoption recruiter with DSS. She said adoptions through DSS are virtually free, compared to private agency adoptions, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum.

    "Oh it’s almost virtually free, and people don’t know that. I think that hinders people a lot," Adams said. She said the only costs to adopt through the Heart Gallery and DSS are a physical for the adopting family, and any fees to attorneys representing children seeking adoption. She said DSS pays up to $1,500 for those legal fees.

    "We want them to be with loving homes, with loving families we make it easy for them," Adams added.

    "All they’re looking for is love and someone to understand them and listen to their problems and help them navigate life," Smith said. "With a little love and a little support and a little permanency...they can blossom into anything."

    Smith said The Heart Gallery helped 132 kids get adopted in the last fiscal year.

    He added there are around 500 kids currently legally free for adoption, meaning they have no family members who could interfere with the adoption process.

    Click here to view a list of children seeking adoption.

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