'Adventureman' visits MUSC on mission to raise money for children's hospitals

'Adventureman' visits MUSC on mission to raise money for children's hospitals (WCIV)

Jamie McDonald has been traveling across the country by foot, using his alias name "Adventureman."

Unlike any other superhero, McDonald's mission is to help bring in donations to children hospitals.

"During the run, I’m actually fundraising for children’s hospitals on route. So today I’m her eto meet the kids, and hopefully get some donations in to help change their lives,” McDonald said.

Tuesday, McDonald made a stop at MUSC's Children's Hospital, interacting with children, and bringing them smiles.

Carla Meekings, the mother of 5-year-old Eli, says she is thankful for MUSC and the Adventureman coming in to bring joy and helping ill children feel better.

"It’s so awesome for people to acknowledge children who are sick, and make time out of their busy schedules to come see them, and you know, make things happen, and make them happy," Meekings said.

McDonald says he felt the need to help children hospitals around the world, due to his own childhood.

"I ended up spending most of my life in the hospital as a kid. I use to have this rare condition called Syringomyelia, where sometimes I couldn’t move my legs. When I was 9 years old I got a lot of help from the hospital and I got my health," McDonald said. "I’ve been on a mission to give back, not to the hospital that helped me as a kid, but to sick kids now around the world.”

McDonald says he started his cross-country run outside of Seattle, and will conclude his trip in Massachusetts.

He has been traveling for a little over nine months, and hopes to reach the goal of $1 million dollars by the time he finishes his cross-country run. So far, he has raised $150,000.

McDonald says the money raised will go toward children who do not have medical insurance.

To live track "Adventureman" on his whereabouts, and to donate to the cause, you can click here to visit his website.

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