After latest deadly wreck, James Islanders say improved Maybank Highway safety must happen

Maybank Highway (WCIV)

People are asking officials to take a hard look at ways to improve safety on a busy James Island road after another deadly traffic accident Wednesday.

The wreck, which led to a motorcyclist's death, happened off Maybank Highway. There have been several wrecks there over the last six months alone, but Wednesday's grabbed the attention of state representative Leon Stavrinakis.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Stavrinakis said the accident highlighted the real safety and traffic issue in West Ashley and on James Island. He promised to take the issue to officials at the Department of Transportation, the City of Charleston and Charleston County.

Kindall Waldrop lives on Johns Island, and says she tries to avoid Maybank Highway and Riverland Drive, if possible. She's seen several bad accidents over the years and said a solution is long overdue.

Waldrop says she's even more concerned about driving in the area since having her first child.

“Sometimes, people will pull out in the intersection trying to catch it, so either way, you’re going to clip that car," said Waldrop. “They need to add another light or maybe a turning lane at that part and make an actual lane. I don’t know, they need to do something.”

Other people, like Felix Minton, said it's dangerous not only for drivers, but cyclists and pedestrians.

“It’s very scary. There’s an accident here almost every week," Minton said.

Minton mostly gets around on foot going through the neighborhood with his lawn business. He said there's been more accidents at Maybank and Riverland than he can count. He's lived down the street for 50 years.

Like so many others, he said there's not enough room to get around safely and adds traffic back-up often breeds impatient drivers.

“Everyone else is stopped," he said. "They want to spin around and then run through, run through the lights.”

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