After suffering horrific abuse, Caitlyn the dog makes full recovery and finds forever home

Caitlyn the Dog (WCIV)

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - In May of 2015, a photo of Caitlyn with her muzzle taped shut went viral in the Lowcountry and across the world.

People from all over donated for her jaw reconstruction surgery.

Now, she's found a forever home, and the owner who adopted her has been defending her from the very start.

Ted Corvey prosecuted the horrific animal cruelty case for Charleston County. He says he'll never forget meeting Caitlyn, then a skittish, scared dog with a broken jaw.

"I really formed a good connection with her, so that got me really emotionally invested in the case. From there, we just started preparing it for trial.”

Caitlyn's abuser, William Leonard Dodsen, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges in August of that year.

“When he wound up indicating he wanted to plead guilty I was thrilled, because I was pretty nervous about heading into trial the next week”

Today, Caitlyn's made a full physical recovery, and found a home with Ted and his family.

“She’s super sweet and very playful and, like I said, my wife and I are just very lucky to have her”

After living with foster families Caitlyn was officially adopted by the former prosecutor and his wife in October 2017.

“After night one it was an obvious fit, and we knew she was never gonna go.”

She's lived with the couple, puggle-mix Lucy, and Dachshund-mix Sully ever since.

Now, the dog dad says people all over the world are still talking about Caitlyn's story.

"The most amazing thing from my involvement was the amount of calls that flooded our office and letters, even months and years after the case had been going on."

And Caitlyn loves the attention she gets as a local celebrity.

“People recognize her pretty often. It will start with, 'ooh I wonder if that’s Caitlyn,' and then they come over and ask.”

Ted hopes Caitlyn's story keeps inspiring survivors of all kinds.

“Not just animal abuse victims, but humans too, who went through a hard time but were able to persevere"

If you're wondering, Caitlyn's is a mix between a Border Collie, Boxer, Staffordshire Terrier, and German Shepard.

Caitlyn's former owner and abuser was sentenced to 5 years for animal cruelty. He's currently serving 15 years in federal prison on unrelated gun and drug charges.

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