Alligator at the back door gives Summerville man a shock

Backdoor gator web (David Letostak)

Dave Letostak says he thought someone was breaking into his home in the Lakes of Summerville on May 5, when from the patio out back arose such a clatter.

It wasn't a burglar or old St. Nick come calling. Instead, Letostak says he was surprised to see an alligator at his back door.

The big reptile was pushing around the garbage can on his patio, making a racket, Letostak says.

The encounter was a brief one, though. Letostak says the 'gator stayed about five minutes, then went on its way.

He says he didn't bother with calling authorities to remove the animal since it made such a quick exit.

Wildlife experts have said increased alligator sightings in strange places this spring are due to mating season.


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