Free screenings offered for Alzheimer's awareness at Roper

Free screenings offered for Alzheimer's awareness at Roper

The fight against Alzheimer's disease is right here in the Lowcountry as leading medical minds are trying to crack the code of this mysterious disease.

According to the National Institute Of Aging, Alzheimer's is an irreversible and progressive brain disorder. They estimate more than 5 million people may have the disease.

There are free memory screenings being offered right now at Roper St. Francis Hospital at the Clinical Biotechnology and Research Institute. This screening will evaluate your memory, ability to solve simple problems and other thinking skills.

Facility director Dr. Jacobo Mintzer says they are able to provide various treatments for Alzheimer's.

"Today we can actually see the presence of the basic lesion of Alzheimer's disease 15 years before any symptoms appear," he said. "So today we're saying something that we couldn't many many years ago."

Despite what some people might think, Alzheimer's is not a normal part of the aging process so Dr. Mintzer says if you think there is a problem, don't wait to get checked out.

"All the focus on research today is not in treating the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease," Dr. Mintzer explained. "But identifying the people with the lesions of Aalzheimer's disease before any symptoms will appear."

He says these treatments help with memory loss and disease-related behaviors.

Dr. Mintzer also says having a balanced diet with the right amount of vegetables, and protein is extremely important to your brain health. Being physically active is considered another key tool to having a healthy mind.

Appointments are required for the free screenings. To schedule your memory screen appointment, please call (843) 724-2302.

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