Ashley Ridge High School seniors talk about how they ended up on the Ellen Show


    Ashley Ridge seniors Jaheim President and Darius Smith returned back to school on Wednesday, after being surprised on The Ellen Show on Tuesday.

    Darius and Jahiem are two out of six students in a local program called "Teacher Cadet" at the High School.

    They say the program encourages students to become teachers, helping the teaching shortage in the state.

    While being apart of the Teacher Cadet Program, Darius and Jahiem spoke at a local school board meeting, discussing the importance of male and minority teachers in the classrooms.

    The speech was posted online.

    After that, the boys say they were contacted by the Ellen show.

    The two boys received full scholarships to the College of Charleston and $20,000 dollars each.

    Jahiem says the program has helped he and Darius in more than one way. The two seniors hope to become future educators.

    "For like us, who didn't grow up with a father figure, to have someone to be a role model."

    The two are set to graduate May 25 before attending college at the College of Charleston this fall.

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