Attorney of kidnapped victim Kamiyah Mobley speaks

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The appearance was short in a Florida court room Monday.

“Do you feel any pressure to enter this plea?” a judge asked.

Gloria Williams said, “No ma’am.”

As Gloria Williams entered a guilty plea, but absent in the room was Kamiyah Mobley; the girl Williams now admits to kidnapping at birth in 1998.

Her attorney Justin Bamberg said, “Things are starting to get real now and the guilty plea was the first step.”

Bamberg said she fully supports the woman who raised her for 18 years. In fact, Bamberg said she may speak at her sentencing in May and ask for leniency.

“She loves Gloria; she’s loved her since she got arrested. I would be surprised if she doesn’t tell the judge how much she loves her.”

Despite the guilty plea, Williams’ possible sentence is lengthy. We learned Monday, Williams could serve up to 27 years. “Her primary thing is to try and be the best daughter she can be for the only mother she knew for 18 years, and then the new mother that she knows and the new father that she knows.”

Bamberg is talking about Kamiyah’s biological parents. They weren’t in court Monday either. He said for now, they’re just working to build their relationship, one that never got a chance to start until one year ago.

“You can imagine how it feels to her biological mama to hear her say nice things about a woman that took this other woman’s baby,” Bamberg added.

It’s a story that’s captivated headlines, one that’s made national news. Bamberg said it’s given hope to thousands of parents with missing children.

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