BCSD Superintendent Brenda Blackburn resigns

Brenda Blackburn

After a 2.5-hour executive session, the Berkeley County School District board of trustees accepted the resignation of Superintendent Brenda Blackburn Friday night.

It's currently unknown why Blackburn resigned or if she resigned in lieu of termination.

However, her resignation comes as the district sorts though the wreckage left after the firing of BCSD CFO Brantley Thomas.

Thomas was fired in February amid an ongoing investigation involving the FBI.

“I’m just sorry because of the turn of events that has allowed this take place," said Rep. Joe Jefferson, D-Berkeley County. "But we feel certain that education will continue to strive in Berkeley County. The kids will be pleased, teachers I’m sure will continue to do what they need to do. And I just hope everything will turn out for the best.”

The school board appointed Deon Jackson as the interim superintendent after accepting Blackburn's resignation. Jackson will begin serving as the interim superintendent immediately. Jackson was the chief administrative officer for the school district.

“I think with this new board majority that has continually responded immediately to the situation that we’re in good hands," said Hanahan Citizens Committee member Patricia Eckstein. "And there will be answers. They’ve been moving forward to get to the bottom of it because they have a job to do. And that’s educate our youngsters.”

Check back with ABC News 4 as we continue to develop this story.

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