'They said they're going to kill me' | 4th grader fears for his life over school bullying

Berkeley County fourth grader says bullies have threatened his life at school (WCIV).

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) - A Berkeley County 4th grader says bullies have threatened his life at school.

“One kid decided to watch the bathroom door and one decided to help the other kids beat me up,” claims 4th grader Hampton Hill.

“There’s a witness who heard the little boy threaten to kill my child. There are witnesses who heard this little boy call him racial slurs, daily,” Hampton’s mother, Gwendolyn, said. “He’s asked me that before. ‘Mom, they said they’re going to kill me. Is today the day I’m going to die?’”

Gwendolyn showed ABC News 4 police reports she filed for the claims of bullying. She says she met with the school’s principal about the incidents, but they still continued.

“I’ve got pictures of bruises. Lumps in his head,” she said. “I’ve had to pick him up twice for feeling dizzy. He had to go to the ER.” His mother says she took Hampton to the ER for neck injuries sustained during one bullying incident, and she claims he’s worn a neck brace for more than a week because of it.

“I hit him in the eye with a piece of paper in the eye. I told him I’m sorry,” Hampton admitted of a bullying incident he says happened on a school bus. “He looked at me and picked me up and slammed me.” That incident is outlined in a report made by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s office from December 4th.

Officials with the Berkeley County School District confirmed the students involved in the physical altercations were punished in accordance with the district’s bullying policy. That policy reads in part:

“The district prohibits acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying of a student by another student or students, staff or third parties that interferes with or disrupts a student's ability to learn.”

The full policy can be found here.

District officials also said they cannot discuss the details of student disciplinary matters or cases with a potential for student discipline that may be under review or investigation.

Officials also told ABC News 4 it’s difficult to confirm some of the details of the claims of bullying.

“There needs to be consequences,” Gwendolyn said. “When I went to school, if I got into a fight, I was paddled or disciplined otherwise. Children these days get silent lunch.”

She claims one incident of bullying on the playground was caught on surveillance video, but she said school officials say it was too blurry to confirm what really happened.

Hampton just says he wants life to get back to normal.

“They are a lot like bigger than me and stronger than me,” he said of the students he claims bully him. “I’ll be hopefully okay when I go back.”

Hampton’s mother says she removed him from his school once before because of claims of bullying. She said Hampton is scheduled for a consultation with a neurosurgeon due to his neck injury.

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