Berkeley County hires firm to clean up abandoned tire recycling site

Provided/Tom Fernandez. More than 220,000 tires at the abandoned site in Moncks Corner and inside the white trailers.

With a vote Monday night, Berkeley County council hopes to clean up the abandoned Viva tire recycling site within ten months.

That's how long it will take to remove an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 tires that are now in piles on the property.

The council awarded a bid to Liberty Tire Recycling at $239 per ton, with a projected ten-month time frame, according to Berkeley County Council chairman Ken Gunn.

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The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control granted $2 million for the project, which amounts to 8,300 tons of tires to be removed.

“If there are more tires than that, the issue will have to be addressed at that time for additional funding,” Gunn posted to Facebook.

Berkeley County landfill scales will tare and weigh all trucks and spot inspections will be made to ensure water is removed from tires when loading to determine the correct tonnage, Gunn says.

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The abandoned Viva tire recycling site in Berkeley County got attention from South Carolina governor Henry McMaster after aerial footage showed heaps of tires on the facility and inside trailers on the property.

McMaster sent DHEC a letter asking action be taken.

DHEC estimated that the Moncks Corner site had at least 222,000 tires.

In his letter, McMaster estimated that number has likely tripled.

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