Berkeley County school officials talk student safety at community meeting

Berkeley County school hallway (WCIV)

What can we do? The question some Lowcountry parents and students are asking after the Parkland, Florida shooting.

On Monday in Berkeley County, the community met to discuss what they can do to ensure everyone stays safe at school. The meeting was held a Hanahan Middle School.

More than 30,000 students head to school in Berkeley County every weekday. The district employs over 4,000 people; their safety the topic of discussion tonight.

Berkeley County School District Superintendent, Eddie Ingram, is hosting several community meetings around the district.

“The kids know what’s going on in their communities,” one parent said.

Parents and teachers didn’t want to go on camera, but allowed us to record their conversation

Teachers noted that social media is playing a role in causing conflicts.

Dennis Turner, Hanahan police chief, says he has an officer at Hanahan’s Middle and High School. It's a necessary presence he said to ensure safety.

He encourages opening the lines of communication and expanding the conversation beyond shootings.

“If your child tells you something about drugs in the school, or bullying in the school, let us know," Turner said.

Tim Knight, safety and security coordinator, said all Berkeley County Schools can be locked down automatically.

“What we’re doing now is adding that (feature) to more doors,” Knight said.

However, all schools aren’t the same size and some students travel through breezeways to get from class to class.

“Our teachers are trained and our administrators are trained to monitor those doors, especially during class change,” Knight said.

Dr. Ingram will be hosting more community meetings around the district.

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