Berkeley County teacher suspended for forging records

    Berkeley County School District (WCIV)

    The South Carolina Board of Education has suspended a Berkeley County School District teacher for one year, after she admitted forging a students initials on attendance sheets and getting paid for hours she did not work.

    Glenda M. Patierno a certified teacher for over 21 years, served as a special education teacher for two homebound students during the 2017-2018 school year. During that time, Patierno admitted to forging the students initial on attendance sheets.

    According to Patierno, the student stopped coming to the special education sessions and instead of reporting the student absent, she forged his initials on paperwork. The paperwork recorded the student's attendance as well as Patierno's working hours for compensation.

    Patierno says she has repaid the District for falsifying time sheets. Bank records show Patierno repaid the District $993.60

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