Berkeley Stags super-fan attends milestone 600th game

Slick, Billy Ott (WCIV) 4.png

A die-hard Berkeley Stags football fan reached a milestone Friday night. For some, it’s just game, but for Billy Ott, affectionately known as ‘Slick,’ it’s become tradition.

He made six turns to the field where he would watch his 600th Berkeley football game.

“I’ve been going over 50 years to games,” Ott says.

Ott has been attending games since he was a high school student.

“I graduated in 1968,” said Ott.

And he kept going to games, long after graduation. Before he knew it, Ott says he’d gone to hundreds of them.

He’s only missed two games over the years.

“In 1996, I had lung cancer, and last year I missed a game cause I had a little mini stroke and I was in the hospital. Both times, I was in the hospital; otherwise, I would have been there,” Ott says.

The start of each season is bigger than football for Slick,

“It’s kind of like I gauge my life by it," says Ott. "If I can get to that summer practice, and I get through football, I think I’m going to make it through another year.”

Away or home, he’s with his Stags,

“Wherever Berkeley’s at, I’ll be there,” Ott says.

The 67-year-old shows up two hours early to each game. He’s been through nine different coaches. All while watching from the 30-yard line,

“Four rows down from the top, right there, always,” says Ott.

With his boiled peanuts and Diet Mountain Dew, he’ll be cheering for the home team. He’s hoping to have his seat officially reserved,

“I hope they’ll put a little sign up there one day, that that’s my seat, no matter who sits there,” Ott says.

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