Safety reminders about ride sharing apps like Uber

Ubers safety reminders (WCIV)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) - After an incident involving students from the University of South Carolina, Uber deployed messages to drivers and riders around the Columbia area through their app. They’re reminding riders all-around to make sure they get in the right car.

Millions of people traveling near and far use ride-sharing apps, and Uber is among the most popular. Students at the College of Charleston said it's their primary source of transportation.

“Like coming back to the dorm and stuff, I use Uber.” Alina Rosario said.

“Usually it's like late and stuff after partying.” Douglas McGill said.

Alina Rosario, a freshman, said she was startled after hearing about the incident at USC. “I mean it's definitely really scary, I just think that I’ll have friends with just in case someone isn't in the right state of mind.”

Douglas McGill said he learned about the incident in the Midlands through social media. “I just saw something about it on Snapchat today.”

The app offers a number of features like GPS tracking, a log of all your rides, and the ability to share your trip information. “In real time you can share your trip with friends and family.” Jodi Page with Uber said.

Uber also reminds riders to be leery if the details on the app don't match the person offering the ride. “Uber trips can only be requested through the app, so you never want to accept a ride from someone offering a ride that isn't through the app or who offers to accept cash or a discounted rate.” Jodi Page with Uber said.

Both Rosario and McGill says their Uber drivers have always confirmed their names, and going forward they'll ask a few more questions before hopping in. “It's not something I’ve actually done before but it's probably something I should start doing.”

Uber also reminds riders to call 911 first in the event you don't feel safe with your driver.

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