Black River flooding now a Big Dam Swamp mess as roads close in Andrews


Flooding is so bad in Andrews one of the main thoroughfares is shut down.

State transportation officials closed part of Highway 41 in Andrews Tuesday afternoon, and the town's mayor fears flooding will only get worse.

Highway 41 from the Horse Pen Creek Bridge to Thurgood Marshall Road is closed after water from the Black River overflowed its banks and made the road impassible. The Black River measured at 15.8 feet in Kingstree Monday. Flood stage for the river is 10 feet.

Andrews mayor Frank McClary said SCDOT has been monitoring water levels since Hurricane Matthew and deemed the road unsafe.

"So now those folks behind me here north would have to go 527 to Kingstree and possibly come around to get to Andrews and to Georgetown," Mayor McClary said. "If 51 is open, they can go through there, but this is the quickest route, and not that's no longer accessible right now."

People living near Big Dam Swamp drive worried more water is coming. The Black River crested in Kingstree early Tuesday, and now they're waiting for it to come to Andrews.

School is closed in Andrews again Wednesday. When schools in that area will open again depends largely on the condition of the roads.

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