Boil water advisory issued Tuesday for part of St. George

Boil Water Advisory, Hwy. 78, Saint George, S.C. (Google Earth).jpg

The St. George Water Department in Dorchester County issued a boil water advisory Tuesday afternoon for homes and businesses located along a block of Highway 78.

The area affected by the advisory is the block of Highway 78 from Metts Street to Bryant Street, Bryant Street to Raysor Street, Raysor Street to Metts Street, and Metts Street back to Highway 78.

The boil water advisory is related to a water main break, the water department says.

If you need to use city water for drinking or cooking before the boil water advisory is lifted, water department officials say you need boil it vigorously for at least one minute before use.

Water department workers are currently flushing and testing the water lines. City officials say they will alert residents once the water has passed safety tests.

If you have any questions about this advisory, call the St. George Water Department at 843-563-7112, or 843-560-2972

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