'Bold crooks' storm Walmart store leaving residents with questions

Police say this image from video surveillance in the Walmart shows two of three people sought in connection to the robbery. One of the men, investigators say, is holding an AK-47 style rifle. (GCPD)

Goose Creek Police say some 'bold crooks' stormed into the Goose Creek Super Walmart store and started shooting before grabbing cash and leaving customers and employees scared.

They took off with money, left the store and then police say they fired at a Walmart employee sitting in her vehicle. The woman's truck was hit, but she was not hurt.

Police say the suspects left a vital clue behind, because Walmart cameras were rolling, catching their every move.

Some viewers, who live near the store contacted us. They were concerned about why they weren't told the gunmen were on the loose. So, we checked in with Goose Creek police department to find out why.

Investigators said the first officer arrived at the store less than 40 seconds after the 911 call came in to dispatch. Immediately officers blocked off the parking lot, secured the area and made sure everyone was safe. They soon realized the suspects were gone and could be anywhere.

We talked to families who live near the Walmart and believe a system should be in place to alert residents if gunmen are on the loose after a shooting like the one at Walmart like an Amber Alert.

"If your phone goes off for an amber alert and it makes those loud chimes that would be a good way to alert you that something is going on," says Craig Kellstrom.

Investigators are still looking for three suspects.

They were caught on camera. If you recognize them, you're asked to call Crimestoppers at 843-554-1111.

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