Brittany Simpson Denied Bond in Murder Case

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Bond was denied Friday for a Mount Pleasant woman accused of murdering her father. Brittany Simpson, 31, is accused of shooting and killing Robert Simpson at the family's home in May.

Family and friends were in the courtroom Friday. From one side of the courtroom to the other, it’s clear the family is torn by the tragedy. Brittany’s brother and sister asked Judge Markley Dennis to deny bond.

“I’d like to start off by saying I love my sister. I grew up with her for 27 years. She helped me study, talk to my first girlfriends, make videos for becoming class president and the list goes on,” said Taylor Simpson. “To think about her in jail behind bars is something I thought I’d never wish for, but that love is outweighed by the numerous actions she has demonstrated and behavior she has portrayed over past 10 years, including killing my father.”

“I also believe that she is not only capable of killing someone again, but that she will because she has no remorse for the horrible actions she has done in the past,” said sister Chelsea Simpson.

Their mother, Susan Simpson was sitting on the defense side and expressed a different opinion.

“I’m 110% supportive of my daughter. I have talked to her and seen her just about every day over the six months she’s been incarcerated,” she said. “She has adamantly said she doesn’t want to harm anybody (and that) she’s not a risk of flight and I believe that.”

Her sentiments were overshadowed by a long history of violence. Police records over the last decade paint a history of erratic and violent behavior. In court, her siblings said she’s poisoned and killed their family pets in the past, threatened to kill them countless times, and also threatened and harassed neighbors in their I’On community.

“I cannot ignore some of the behavior that has been documented, clearly documented,” said Circuit Judge Markley Dennis. “She could be fine but the problem is, I cannot ignore the times when she has not been.”

Dennis denied bond, but said he’d reconsider bond in the future only if it means Brittany is seeking help in a mental health facility, one secured 24 hours a day.

“She is the posterchild for the toxic cocktail that ignorance by our state regarding mental health issues, coupled with all the dysfunctions going on inside her home for the last 20 years can produce,” said defense attorney Mark Peper.

Peper said they’ll be searching for a mental health facility, but doing so is not an easy feat. He said it highlights systemic problems within the Palmetto State.

“Those in the middle to upper class can afford mental health, whereas those who tend to be stuck in jail for crimes they’ve alleged to have committed, most likely as a result of their mental health, don’t have that same access and that’s a problem, that’s a real problem in our state,” Peper said. “Brittany falls into that category. She’s been on disability for 10 years now. She’s not going to have access to a number of different facilities that upper echelon people would have so, we’ve got to do our homework and find her a place that will accept her with the limited finances.”

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