Business is back on East Bay after water main break caused major damage, closed street

East Bay Pedestrians.png

East Bay Street in downtown Charleston is a hub for popular restaurants and tourists. Recently though, they've been a little less popular as Irma and a busted water main dramatically reduced human traffic flow on East Bay Street.

"Just mentioning a hurricane scares people from coming into town," said Peter Pierce, general manager of Slightly North of Broad or S.N.O.B's restaurant.

Combined with the water main break, other restaurants in the area including Paw Paw's, Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar, and Carmella's Cafe & Desserts all saw a drop in business.

"A week's worth of not knowing what's going on and not knowing if the street was going to be open was a little tough," said Jessica Potter, general manager of Poogans Smokehouse which is also near where the water main broke.

Thankfully for these restaurants the weather is cooperating and the road is back open.

"The past few days have definitely been an upswing back into the normal pace of things," said Potter happily. "We're going into the weekend looking like it's going to be a nice busy weekend for us."

"Things are back to normal and it's a perfect time to be here in Charleston," said Pierce.

Several of the restaurant managers said it will take time to completely make up for lost revenue, but a lot of that just comes with the territory of owning a business. Others commented that during the slow down, locals came to support their business which shows how much the community supports local business.

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