Can sex offenders stay at Red Cross shelters?

SC Sex Offender Registry (WCIV)

With Hurricane Florence barreling towards the coast of the Carolinas, residents in multiple counties have been urged to evacuate either out of town or to emergency shelters.

But what about safety at shelters?

ABC News asked the American Red Cross if sex offenders were allowed to stay at shelters with others residents.

The American Red Cross replied:

“If a shelter resident appears on a state’s registered sex offender list, we will work with local law enforcement to handle the situation appropriately. Local law enforcement will assess and determine what is best for the safety of everyone in the shelter. If it is determined that other arrangements would be best, the person will be moved to separate accommodations.”

Charleston County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Roger Antonio added that the situation has come up in the past.

"We cannot deny them shelter in a preservation of life event," Antonio said.

With this particular storm, emergency shelters will be in Berkeley and Dorchester counties.

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