VIDEO: Hundreds worth of merchandise stolen from Charleston business

Hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise stolen from Charleston business (WCIV)

Charleston Police are investigating after a small boutique owner reported a shoplifting incident on Tuesday.

Russell Robinson owns Channels, located on upper King Street.

He said two people came into the store along with a minor late Tuesday afternoon and took more than $1,000 worth of merchandise.

His surveillance cameras caught the pair stuffing board shorts, shirts, and shoes into shopping bags for at least seven minutes before leaving the store.

“It looked like an operation,” he said. “I'd be surprised if I was the only one hit that day.”

Robinson said he’s still devastated when he reviews the footage.

“They were taking everything from shoes to tops to bottoms to board shorts. Basically everything we sell they were taking one of.”

His surveillance system records from three angles, and he has shown the footage to police in the hopes that it will lead to the suspects’ arrests.

The amount taken, Robinson said, totaled a day’s worth of sales.

“It’s tough,” he said.

It’s more, though, than just the product swiped that will cost his long term.

He installed cameras last year, but now he has no choice but to hire more employees to watch the floor.

“That raises my overheard,” he said. “That's $1200 a month of just staffing.”

He’ll spend more money on theft prevention training as well.

It all adds up, especially considering his location.

“Devastating. “You work so hard to just survive on King street. The rents are crazy. Something like that really impacts a business of this size and nature.”

Robinson said he is still going through inventory, and it’s likely more was stolen than originally reported to police.

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