School board questions former CCSD budget chief's consultant status, lack of full-time CFO

CCSD headquarters (WCIV)

Four months into the current school year, the Charleston County School District doesn't have a chief financial officer.

Instead, the district re-hired recently former CFO Glenn Stiegman as a consultant. Stiegman retired in June after a medical leave that started in May.

School board trustee Kevin Hollinshead has concerns about how the school district handled the re-hiring of Stiegman.

"There's some legal ramifications there as to how the law allows a paid consultant to be used. For us to hire someone as a consultant he has to demonstrate that he has other accounts other than ours that he's advising," he said.

School officials say Stiegman currently works about 28 hours a week earning $82 an hour.

Charleston County's school board emerged from an executive session Monday night without talking about the hiring process for a new chief financial officer.

"For checks and balances it should be approved by the board," said Hollinshead earlier in the day.

Stiegman was the source of some controversy for the district shortly after he was first hired in June 2016, when it was revealed he had been arrested three times on DUI charges before joining CCSD.

As a school board member, Hollinshead wants someone else to study the budget before a permanent hire is made.

"We need an external audit independently of what the board normally does. We need to make sure that we hire a CFO that's accountable to the public and accountable to the board. Not just the superintendent," Hollinshead explained.

As school leaders look at the possibility of hiring a new chief financial officer, Hollinshead wants to make sure he and other board members are included in the process.

"We owe our, you could say, trust to the public to do what is right. We can't do it because of friendship within the board as has been going on for years," he said.

According to the Charleston County School District website, the chief financial officer position pays between $108,288 and $149,164.

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