CCSD employee back to work after a 5-year-old got an unsupervised ride home with Lyft

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The Charleston County School District tells us the teacher who was placed on administrative leave back in May after a five-year-old boy was picked up from school by the wrong person, is now back in the classroom.

Jackie Laban was working for student pickup at Springfield Elementary School in West Ashley at the time of the incident.

CCSD said Laban has now returned to active status and is an assistant site coordinator for the Kaleidoscope program.

Laban was placed on administrative leave in May after Charleston Police began investigating how Makel Heywood was picked up by the wrong person from his after school care program.

A police investigation revealed that the boy was picked up by a driver with Lyft, a ride sharing service, and he rode unsupervised to an unfamiliar address.

Makel was found at Ashley Grove Apartments 4.4 miles away from the school. His mother said they have never lived there and have no connection.

Officers drove him back to the school where he was reunited with his mother, the police report states.

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