Charleston Community holds "Rally for Unity" in honor of Emanuel Nine

A large crowd gathered at Marion Square in downtown Charleston Saturday to hold a "Rally for Unity" in remembrance of the Emanuel Nine.

Organizers say the event is a call of action, and hope their efforts will help ease racial divides and strengthen gun laws.

The peace rally is a part of Mother Emanuel A.M.E's week of honoring and celebrating the lives and legacies of the Emanuel Nine.

Malachi Jones attended the rally, and felt it was a step in the right direction towards racial harmony, "It really does help you visualize the hope that you hope is there in the world with the racial divide and the political turmoil and things like that. It really does ensure you that there is allies and people are with you fighting for the same thing your're fighting for."

A number of speakers shared a few words at the rally including Rev. Eric S.C. Manning, Mayor John Tecklenburg, and Sen. Marlon Kimpson.

The week long remembrance of the the Emanuel Nine will conclude with morning services at Mother Emanuel A.M.E. on Sunday.

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