Charleston couple suing Amazon over eclipse glasses, eye damage

This photo of the eclipse through glasses was provided by Cassidy Byron.

A Charleston couple has filed a lawsuit against Amazon, claiming they were wearing defective eclipse glasses sold by the company.

The lawsuit states the man and woman did not receive a recall notice from Amazon prior to the natural event on August 21 and wore the glasses produced by American Paper Optics during the eclipse.

Media reports published in late July stated as many as 10 million glasses were sold to Amazon by American Paper Optics. On August 19, Amazon attempted to recall eclipse glasses, recommending many who purchased glasses from their company not to use them. Earlier in the month, the company issued warnings on the dangers of fake eclipse glasses.

The lawsuit states later in the day, the man and woman experienced pain, discomfort, headaches, eye watering and other symptoms. It states as time progressed, they began to see dark spots in their line of vision, suffered vision impairment – including blurriness, a central blind spot, increased sensitivity, changes in perception of color and distorted vision.

The lawsuit accused Amazon as being negligent, and its August recall as “tragically too little, too late.”

The dollar amount of what the plaintiffs are seeking in damages and attorney fees is not yet available.

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