Charleston leaders working on flooding fix in Bees Ferry neighborhoods | PHOTOS & VIDEO

Bees Ferry flooding 8 (WCIV).png

People in several West Ashley neighborhoods off Bees Ferry Road were still sitting in water Tuesday.

Mayor John Tecklenburg and other city officials stopped through the area earlier in the morning to survey the damage. At a press conference, they said engineers are studying and working on a solution.

From the entrance of Hickory Farms to the back, there’s water as far as the eye can see. Major Broaddus lives in the front at the entrance. He’s used to being a neighborhood contact.

“Everyone calls us to see how deep is the water so they can get their cars in or out or what have you,” said Broaddus.

On Tuesday, he was still wading in rubber boots, but said he’s hopeful a long-term fix is coming soon.

“We don’t want to be too impatient, we want to give the city sometime to fix this problem,” Broaddus said. “But, I think we’re on the third strike right now.”

Across Bees Ferry Road, Crosstowne Christian Church sits surrounded by water. It’s the third time in two years it’s been flooded out. Pastor Paul Rienzo said they’ll gut the inside and start over.

“The first time, it took us 3.5 months, that was the thousand-year flood, the second time, it took us 23 days,” said Rienzo

After talking with city officials and engineers Tuesday morning, Rienzo said they’ll likely try something new, building up, sitting the church on pilings as if it were waterfront property year round..


“You can’t stop bad things from happening, but you can take that and leverage it with God and begin to learn from them and utilize them for a more positive outcome,” said Rienzo.

He said they don’t want to leave their spot, they’ve been there 13 years. Broaddus said he feels the same, he’s lived in Hickory Farms for 20 years.

“No, this is very nice here, very nice,” Broaddus said. “Once they improve the drainage, this is still going to be nice. So, that’s all they have to do right now.”

Tecklenburg said engineers are close to finishing up a lengthy study and will likely come to them with possible solutions sometime next month.

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