Charleston Students make all the difference in the lives of Uganda citizens

Bikes 4 Humanity (WCIV)

Last spring, sixth grader Sarah Quinn took to collecting bicycles for Bikes for Humanity, a non-profit which supports communities in Kenya, Namibia and Uganda, and on her own she collected more than 120 bikes and $375 from Kiawah and Seabrook Island residents.

This year, Quinn has expanded this project by initiating a partnership with Kiawah Island Bike Rentals.

Kiawah Island Bike Rental will donate used and damaged bikes to the Bikes for humanity program and the first delivery will consist of more than 130 bikes.

With this delivery, Quinn has now collected over 300 bicycles and more than $1,000 in donations.

The three-year service projects has been a game changer for Uganda citizens, by helping many get transportation to school, to healthcare or even transporting water back to a village and much more.

A shipping container, headed to Uganda is now filled with more than 500 bicycles and bike parts collected by Quinn and fellow middle-schoolers.

The container ships out of Charleston Dec. 15.

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