Citadel announces hair policy changes for 2019-2020 school year

The Citadel has announced changes to the military college's hair policy that will go into effect for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Under the new guidelines, forth-class male cadets will get one initial forth-class haircut upon matriculation into the university. They will then be subject to existing upper-class haircut standards.

Forth-class female cadets will follow existing U.S. Army Standards, meaning they will not be required to cut their hair upon matriculation.

The Citadel says the more lenient policy will put it in line with the Department of Defense's standards, and hopes it will help with recruiting.

“I spent 25 years in the Navy,” said Citadel Commandant, retired Navy Capt. Geno Paluso '89, “and I don’t think The Citadel should have a stricter grooming standard than the Department of Defense—the very people defending our nation, our freedom and our right to have this institution.”

Capt. Paluso says the changes to the current policy will be particularly beneficial to female recruits. “Good for the women who were willing to come here and cut their hair, but the haircuts just look bad.”

“I support Capt. Paluso’s decision wholeheartedly,” said Citadel President Gen. Glenn M. Walters '79. “In fact, I asked him to make the change as soon as possible. To be competitive as a college, we need to be current, and hairstyles should not define who we are.”

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