Charleston councilmen become firefighters for a day


Saturday morning, The Charleston Fire Department invited Mayor Tecklenburg, our ABC News 4 crew and Council-members Kevin Shealy, Michael Seekings and Harry Griffin out the department's first Fire Ops 101 program.

The program was created to help build relationships between the fire department and the community.

Joseph Roberts, Interim Chief with the city of Charleston Fire Department says, " It's a great opportunity to have them see what we do and to experience some of the tools and techniques that we do."

During the day, Council members and myself dressed up in fire fighter gear, and worked together through various hands on firefighting scenarios.

These events included learning how to remove a car door with the jaws of life, how to conduct a search and rescue in a simulated fire and how to put out an actual fire, dealing with wind conditions.

Another part of the program taught us about the EMS side of the fire department.

The fire department typically is the first to arrive on the scene, and serves as assistance for victims until ambulance crews arrive.

Mayor John Tecklenburg commented that Saturday's workshop "raises realization for our council member and the public as to the incredible job our Charleston Fire Department does."

The fire department hopes to make this an annual event for the public to see.

To see more behind the scenes pictures from the first Fire Ops 101, click here.

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