Coastal Carolina Fair reached record numbers

This picture was sent to ABC News 4 by Meridian Welch

The Coastal Carolina fair reached record attendance this year, with 254,877 people coming to the event this year.

Compared to the last four years:

2016: 235,757

2015: 185,207

2014: 229,177

2013: 241,424

This year's numbers beat the old record, set in 2012, by almost 13,000 people.

With all the people who came out, the president of the fair believes it's time to upgrade the buildings on the Fairgrounds.

"We've set aside funds we've known we have to do some upgrades to our buildings and structures and this is all a part of our strategic plan," says Billy Robinson, President of the Coastal Carolina Fair.

The new building should be opening up just in time for next year's fair..

Many of you went out and shared with us how much fun the festivities were!

Check them out below.

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