Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy member loses everything in Sunday house fire

Jackson home (WCIV).JPG

No one was injured in the Cardinal Circle fire Sunday Morning, but Amaris Jackson, a Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy member says that everything in her home is gone.

As a Chaplain, Jackson is quick to help others during difficult times, but now she needs help from others. "Everything is gone at this point. There's nothing to be salvaged at all. Everything that was 'everything' is gone."

Jackson was arriving to work at the time of the fire, and she is thankful she was not home at the time. She says the area where the electrical fire broke out was where she typically sleeps. "It broke into the ceiling, so the ceiling would've caved in on exactly where I was sleeping. And everything in that room alone is completely decimated."

Officials say the fire broke out due to a faulty electrical wire in the attic.

The smell of smoke was still in the air as restoration crews started renovating the charred home on Monday.

"People got your back out here, you know. This isn't the end of the world if you lose your material items long as you got your life, your'e good," said Tre' Stamps, a crew member with All Together Construction. Stamps says the remodeling could take between six months to a year to complete. He also said he is happy to be able to help get Jackson back into her home.

Officials say they responded to the fire around 10 a.m. and that they were able to have the fire contained within ten minutes.

Jackson has set up a Go Fund Me page, and other ways that you can donate to help with clothes, food, and personal hygiene items.

You can donate to her Go Fund Me here. You can also donate through her PayPal with the email: and through the Cash App to the username '$faithis7'.

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