CofC prepping for nature's sold out show

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Less than two minutes.

“It’ a huge event,” Mike Robertson with the College of Charleston said. “Not only here at the College of Charleston but across South Carolina.”

He’s talking about one of nature’s biggest shows, the total solar eclipse happening on August 21st.

“We’re inviting all the students to come here and make this all about celebrating the eclipse,” Robertson added.

He says students aren’t the only ones invited.

“We’re one of a handful of colleges that have worked with NASA on various projects from outreach to service projects," Robertson said.

NASA scientists will give live analysis from across the country during the eclipse, and the space agency will anchor its coverage from the College of Charleston.

“We’re almost ground zero for the last part of the eclipse,” Robertson said.

The college will host a watch party for students and staff on eclipse day, but NASA officials say they’ll have a presence all across the Lowcountry.

“There are several other locations in the city where the public can find a NASA presence,” said Beth Dickey, project manager for NASA. “Those are The Battery, soccer stadium, Riverdogs minor league baseball stadium, the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point.”

Cynthia Hall is head of the Lowcountry Hall of Science and Math. She says the College of Charleston is still doing its part to educate stargazers.

“I have been working with Dr. Runyon to deliver professional development across the Lowcountry on eclipse content, to make sure they’re aware why we’re having this.”

It's awareness that the school will pass on to all those with their necks craned to the sky for that final act of nature’s sold out show.

“We’re kind of the grand finale, which I think is why it’s so exciting for us,” Hall said.

“It’s something that few people see in their lifetimes, so this is a chance to take an opportunity and really take advantage of it,” Robertson added.

NASA’s live broadcast will be on NASA TV the day of the eclipse. Two NASA scientists will speak at the College of Charleston the weekend before the event. Both talks are free and open to the public.

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