CofC students to protest following racist video allegedly made by student

    Racial video allegedly made by CofC student.

    Students say the highly questionable video was recorded on a college field trip in February.

    “Get your black a** up here,” a voice says.

    Students say a Caucasian man talking in the video is a freshman at the school.

    “We’re here in the country, and we’re about to visit our slave farm,” he is heard saying while in the back of a pickup truck driving down a dirt road.

    College of Charleston Interim President Stephen Osborne called the video “deeply offensive” in a campus-wide email Thursday.

    Students were angry and have planned a protest Friday.

    “Why would you have the audacity to bring that back up, because it hurts. It hurts as an African-American student,” said College of Charleston student Joequise Wright.

    “It’s not acceptable, and it’s disrespectful. A hundred percent,” CofC student Erin Sentowski said.

    “I take this, as a black female, as a campus threat,” said Jada Young, another student.

    Students like freshman Caroline Stewart say the administration needs to hold those in the video accountable.

    “I think they should be punished for saying the racial slurs that they did," she said.

    Student Mehogeny Rose thinks they need to be expelled to send a message.

    “Explusion. Some may think that’s severe. But I think this is just going to keep happening if they don’t make any actions.”

    In the statement, CofC President Osborn’s says the school will take action according to the code of conduct upon further investigation.

    Students are holding a protest in the Cistern at noon on Friday.

    They say the school has failed to act on what they call a horrible case of racism.

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