Report: Colucci 'uttered several reasons' for shooting of wife

Ivo Colucci (Provided)

The 911 calls related to Friday's deadly shooting inside a North Charleston jewelry store were released Monday, but we have chosen not to broadcast or publish those calls due to their disturbing nature.

In one call, you can hear a witness to the shooting crying as she tells dispatchers, repeatedly, that Ivo Colucci shot his wife. She called for help from the parking lot of the store.

According to an incident report also released Monday, responding officers arrived to find Ivo standing in the doorway of the business. When officers asked where the gun was, he told them it was inside. When officers asked who was shot, he responded, "my wife."

After getting a search warrant, police say they found surveillance video which they say shows Ivo Colucci pull a gun out of his pocket and shoot 74-year-old Doris Colucci in the head following an argument.

Afterward, police say the video shows Colucci hiding the gun, then picking up a shell casing and putting it in his pocket.

The report further reads that while being arrested Ivo spontaneously uttered several reasons for shooting his wife. We asked NCPD for specifics, but they could not provide any additional information.

Meanwhile, Colucci's attorney, Chris Lizzi, is expected to file a motion this week for a mental evaluation for Ivo. He as well as family members told a judge over the weekend that he was diagnosed with dementia more than a year ago.

Lizzi said his dwindling mental capacity was highlighted by a few recent events.

"Mr. Colucci was currently involved in a probate matter in Dorchester County as to his mental capacity, and there was an ongoing DSS investigation regarding the ill treatment of him in his home," Lizzi said.

Ivo Colucci remains in jail at the Al Cannon Detention Center, awaiting further court proceedings. He's due back in court June 16.

Ivo's son, Michael Colucci, was arrested in 2016, also on a murder charge. Michael Colucci is accused of strangling his wife, Sara, to death, but telling investigators she hanged herself. The younger Colucci operated another jewelry store in Summerville.

As for the family, they declined to comment, except for a message to customers. They say they're doing the best they can to make sure customers get what's needed.

Customer pickup will be available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this week. After that, the family says they will be closing the River's Avenue location for good.

** ABC News 4's Alex Heaton and Sandra Ecklund contributed to this report.

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