Community shocked after water-savvy teen drowns in Stono River

Joseph Chomyn (Provided)

The search for a missing teen ended as everyone feared. Monday morning, officials say they recovered the body of 17-year-old Joseph Chomyn on the Stono River.

The weekend-long search ended where it began, near the Limehouse Bridge.

The incident concerned a lot people in the community.

Ali Akhyari runs High Points Adventure and leads kayak tours on the Stono.

"The river and the water here connects a lot of people even if you don't ever meet them," said Akhyari.

A spokesperson for the Porter-Gaud School, where he was a senior, released the following statement:

"We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of senior Joey Chomyn. He was an extraordinary student and sailor with a passion for the water and life. We will miss him dearly. We ask for your thoughts and prayers for the Chomyn family and the entire Porter-Gaud community," it reads.

Akhyari said he sees a lot of reckless behavior and has always been worried about someone getting hurt.

It's unclear what caused Chomyn to fall off the boat. DNR is investigating the incident.

His death has shocked those who knew him since he was experienced on the water.

Chomyn was a rising senior at Porter-Gaud School, a member of their sailing team and an instructor at James Island Yacht Club.

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