Woman claims 'total agony' after eating at La Carreta in Summerville

    A sign on the door of La Carreta Wednesday following a DHEC report that 10 people had fallen ill after eating at the restaurant. (WCIV)

    A popular Summerville restaurant is under the microscope after nearly a dozen people said they became sick after eating there.

    DHEC officials confirm 10 reported cases connected to La Carreta, a Mexican restaurant off Old Trolley Road.

    Wednesday afternoon, La Carreta posted a sign on the door that said its ‘voluntarily closing until further notice’ but hours later, another sign replaced it that said ‘Closing. Sorry for the inconvenience.’”

    “Saturday night I woke up in complete and total agony and then spent the next 11 hours on my bathroom floor,” said Amber Widener, a Summerville resident.

    Widener said she ate at La Carreta with several others on Friday.

    Twenty four hours later, she said she and two others became sick. Turns out, they weren’t the only ones.

    “My next-door neighbor, her boyfriend ate there and got sick, two neighbors across from me ate there and got sick,” she said. “There’s a whole thread on my neighborhood Facebook page just saying, 'I ate there and 24-hours later, I was sick.'”

    DHEC officials said they made an on-site visit Monday and are working with the establishment while it temporarily closes and undergoes a deep clean.

    Officials said they believe the illness is caused by a gastrointestinal virus.

    Whatever it is, Widener doesn’t understand why the restaurant continued to stay open.

    “They were made aware as early as Thursday and nothing was done, nothing was said. I ate there literally 24-hours later and got violently ill,” she said.

    A loyal customer for 17 years, she said she likely won’t be coming back, she doesn’t think she can stomach it.

    “It’s a great place for cheap beer, good food, it’s a great environment, we love it and so it’s heartbreaking that this has happened,” Widener said.

    A manager of La Carreta said one of their employees also became sick and they’re taking the issue seriously, working with DHEC to do everything they can to address the issue.

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