Yellow app on law enforcement's radar


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - It's marketed as a place to make friends for teens 13 and up, but this new app has caught the attention of law enforcement.

It's called "Yellow" app.

The app is relatively new, but investigators are keeping an eye on it.

Det. Doug Galluccio from the Charleston Police Department said it's on the national radar and agencies are sharing information.

The app is gaining popularity with teens, but some parents are still in the dark.

West Ashley mother Ashley Jackson has two children; her 10-year-old daughter Molly has restricted access to a cell phone. The Yellow app has her nervous.

"I'm shocked it is out there and there are children already using it," Jackson said.

We signed up for the Yellow app and put in a fake age and phony picture. We go in with no age verification. We scrolled through the app and found pictures of shirtless teens and low-cut tops, but many of the pictures were harmless.

"The thing that is scary is the anonymity of it all, people can go on there anonymous and try to track them backwards," Galluccio said.

Investigators are concerned a child can be tracked using their location or picture information posted on their profile.

"I don't think apps are set up with malicious intent, but there are bad people taking advantage of situations," Galluccio said.

That's why Jackson is turning off her daughter's cell phone use until she's older.

"We are stepping and pulling back from any computer and cell phone use. It's kinda scary and not worth it," Jackson said.

We reached out to the Yellow app team, and here's a portion of its statement on security:

"Yellow uses back-end software to automatically block any nude profiles and detect and moderate users who use 'nude' in their names or usernames."

Yellow has a team of human moderators who review content and user profiles reported for suspicious behavior 24/7.

When ABC News 4 tried to post a picture of a dog as a profile pic instead of a person, we were sent a warning and could not access our account.

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