Rep. Joe Cunningham caught bringing beer onto House floor for fellow Congressman

Rep. Joe Cunningham, D-South Carolina (FILE/WCIV)

You may often find yourself wondering what our elected lawmakers in Washington DC have been drinking, but did you know you can't take alcohol onto the floor of Congress?

Newly-elected Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-South Carolina) found that out firsthand Friday, when he reportedly tried to bring a six-pack of beers from his home district into the House chamber.

An attendant stopped Cunningham on his way in, and informed him he couldn't take the alcohol onto the House floor, according to Politico reporter Laura Barron-Lopez.

Barron-Lopez tweeted about the incident, later adding a photo of the beers in question: an assortment of Charleston-area craft brews from Westbrook and Coast brewing companies.

Cunningham took to Twitter explaining himself, saying the beers were a gift for Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio.

"Making friends when you’re a freshman is hard and I thought I’d grease the skids with some Lowcountry beer," Cunningham wrote, adding he was later able to get the beer to DeFazio.

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