Convicted Abuser Of Caitlyn The Dog Denied Parole In Columbia

Wearing a prison uniform, William Dodson walked into camera view from Evans Correctional Institution. It's how parole board members in Columbia could talk to him.

"Mr. Dodson, what have you been doing to get ready for parole," asked Henry Eldridge, chairman of the South Carolina Parole Board.

They also asked him about his conviction of ill treatment of animals involving Caitlyn in 2015.

"Tell me how you feel about the crime you committed," Eldridge asked.

"Guess I feel a little remorse," Dodson quietly said.

Animal rights advocates from Hoof and Paw Benevolent Society in Blythewood and Charleston Animal Society explained to parole officials the severity of Caitlyn's injuries.

"Not only does she suffer physically. She has the scars still that show what happened to her, sho also suffers emotionally. She still has a lot to fear," said Kay Hyman, director of community outreach for CAS.

"She's not handicapped. She's not only acting like she's handicapped. But she's been permanently disfigured by what she experienced," added Aldwin Roman, director of anti-cruelty

When the hearing was over, parole board members made a quick decision.

"Mr. Dodson will be denied parole today one, two, and four," Eldridge stated firmly.

Officials with Charleston Animal Society believe the parole denial was the right decision.

"I was hopeful they would really hear our message that this isn't just about the animals. This is about protecting our community," said Roman.

"We have to be here for the animals. And that's the most important thing. They can't speak for themselves. So we're here to speak for them," added Hyman.

Dodson will return to Evans Correctional Institution in Marlboro County. He's expected to be released next April. That's when he'll begin a prison sentence for unrelated weapons violations.


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