Ex-wives speak out in court against convicted bigamist, now charged with child sex abuse

Michael Dean Duncan in bond court (WCIV)

It was an emotional day in court as a Dorchester County man charged with sex crimes involving a child, appeared for his bond hearing.

Michael Dean Duncan, already a convicted bigamist for entering into a marriage while still married to another woman, is now charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor and disseminating obscene materials to a minor.

Duncan was arrested by North Charleston Police and U.S. Marshals on Tuesday, Sept. 18, at the Boeing North Charleston facility.

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Two women who attended court Wednesday said they were Michael Duncan’s ex-wives.

They both described him as their own Prince Charming. They both met him online, and they both say their relationships ended badly.

A woman who says she is Michael Duncan's third ex-wife, says he changed after they were married.

“He became physical with me I also started noticing changes in my child’s behavior she started to become withdrawn, very skinny,” she says.

Her daughter, the alleged victim, spoke to the judge in court today.

“When the abuse started, I was a happy 7-year-old girl. But that didn’t last long. The abuse started out physical, the abuse progressed. I remember trying to tell about all the stuff that this disgusting man was doing to me but he would threaten me,” said his young accuser.

Duncan is accused of sex acts with the girl in a closet.

This story is also complicated by another marriage.

His third wife says, “(I was )going through a nasty divorce and randomly a woman called my attorney and said she was Mrs. Duncan."

Michael Duncan was convicted of felony bigamy in North Carolina in 2014.

We spoke with the woman who claims to be his fifth ex-wife. She said she knew she was marrying a convicted bigamist, but says, “He knew exactly how to be my Prince Charming.”

She came to court to a give a victim's impact statement about her relationship with Michael Duncan.

“It wasn’t about me anymore it was about protecting future little girls,” says this woman.

Both Michael Duncan's mother and sister were at the hearing defending him.

Duncan denied the charges telling the judge, “These charges are brought about by a vindictive, vengeful woman.”

The judge set Duncan’s bond at $200,000 dollars. Duncan was only bonded on the pornography charge which if convicted, he could receive up to 15 years in prison. He will remain in jail until a circuit court judge decides if he will be granted any bond for the child sexual abuse charge.

On that charge, if convicted, he faces 25 years to life. Michael Duncan's next court date is set for November 13 at the Dorchester County Courthouse.

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