Convicted child molester Skip ReVille files motion to reconsider his 50-year sentence

Louis "Skip" Reville (S.C. Department of Corrections)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Confessed child molester Louis "Skip" ReVille, who was sentenced to 50 years for sexually assaulting and molesting 22 young boys across the Lowcountry, wants his sentence to be reconsidered.

ReVille wants to be moved out of protective custody at the South Carolina Department of Corrections and into a prison mental health facility in order to enroll in a sex offender program and sexually violent predator program.

That's according to a "reconsideration of sentencing" motion his attorney Tommy Thomas filed with the court on April 30.

He is requesting a hearing on the matter.

ReVille's sentence began June 13, 2012. He is set to be released in 2054.

The 38-year-old former principal, teacher and coach was involved in at least 15 organizations, groups, clubs or schools where he gained access to his victims. This included running the summer sports camp at The Citadel and serving as principal at Coastal Christian Prep in Mt. Pleasant.

In his motion, ReVille believes the 50-year sentence is “excessive due to the fact that it will not allow him to receive any type of sex offender treatment while he is housed at a secure facility.”

ReVille wants to enter a secure mental health facility located on the grounds of the S.C. Department of Corrections.

ReVille most recently made headlines for suing the state prison system for alleged mistreatment in the restricted protective custody.

An evaluation by psychiatrist Dr. Selman Watson, of Columbia, included in the motion, states that ReVille is "very remorseful" and has written apology letters to the parents of his victims.

Watson met with ReVille on five separate occasions and gave the opinion that ReVille would benefit from the sex offender program, according to the motion.

Watson’s evaluation was included in the motion. It delves into ReVille's childhood and how he came to be a sexual predator to young boys.

It reveals the first sexual incident that got the attention of authorities was when ReVille was 15 years old, not yet living in the Lowcountry.

A parent alerted the police after her young son was told to remove his clothing in a “truth or dare” game at a karate class ReVille was teaching.

Based on ReVille's admission, police interviewed him and recommended he pursue counseling.

According to the evaluation, ReVille had a difficult childhood, which included beatings from his stepbrother.

There was also an encounter in third grade where a substitute teacher asked him to take off his shirt when he was helping wash paint brushes, ReVille told Watson.

ReVille's first sexual contact was in fourth grade with his best male friend who was in fifth grade and attended another school, according to the report.

The two mimicked sex acts seen in a sex education pamphlet the friend showed him and it went on for a year, the report states.

ReVille said he began to regularly fantasize sexually starting in sixth grade.

When he was 15, ReVille admitted that he was aroused by the naked boy at the karate class and began looking at images of naked boys at home, according to the report.

He called the arousal an “addiction.”

According to the report, ReVille attended The Citadel on a tennis scholarship.

The summer of his senior year, “was said to be his undoing,” Watson writes. “Pre-pubescent and post-pubescent boys descended on The Citadel campus to attend sports camp.”

ReVille said at that time, he would invite the boys to his room so they could see his cellphone and he would have pizza and movies available “to make the time more enjoyable.”

This progressed into having the boys watch pornography and commit sex acts.

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ReVille was put in charge of the entire summer program, according to the report. Once he graduated, he took a teaching position at Pinewood Prepatory in Summerville.

He disclosed to Watson that he had direct physical contact with a boy who happened to be the son of his landlord.

The boy helped him move from Charleston to Summerville and ReVille allowed the boy to drive his car on a back road for the thrill of it, according to the report.

ReVille told Watson that he built “bonds” with his male victims because he felt he wanted to fill a father role he felt he was never provided. He tapped into needs like acceptance, affection and affirmation in his victims.

The Citadel contacted him in 2007 about reports of abuse, the report states. That's when ReVille “stopped grooming” boys for eight months while he began to meet with a pastor, he said.

ReVille was then introduced to a woman whom he would later marry.

He said he was terminated at Pinewood Prep for not being a good fit in the English department, according to the evaluation.

He became the principal at Coastal Christian Prep School in Mt. Pleasant.

ReVille told Watson that he continued his sexual involvement with young boys during that time, at his home, when his wife would leave on work commitments, according to the report.

He resigned from the school and church when charges about sexual abuse came to light, he said.

He went to police where he turned himself in, according to the report, right after his wife delivered triplets.

ReVille told Watson there was never any penetration with his victims and he has written letters of apology to the parents of his victims.

ReVille states that he not only wants to enter a sexual offender treatment program, he also wants to create a program for sex offenders like himself to be rehabilitated, according to the report.

“He had devoted a lot of time to learning about treatment for sex offenders as a way to give back to his community,” the report states.

Watson did not observe any psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar or personality disorder nor uncover any drug or alcohol use or dependency, according to the report.

It remains unclear when the motion to move to a mental health facility will be heard, or decided upon.

According to the motion, a previous motion for reconsideration of sentence was filed with the court on June 22, 2012, a little over a week after he was sentenced, and remains unheard.

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