Former corrections officer shot 6 times now working to stop prisoners using cell phones

Capt. Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer, was shot in 2010. He says an inmate used an illegally obtained cell phone to order a hit on him. (WCIV)

Investigators say Jimmy Causey had four cell phones when he was arrested Friday near Austin, Texas. Prior to his arrest, Causey had been disciplined several times in prison for having cell phones, and state prison officials say cell phones certainly played a role in his escape.

Lawmakers have been pushing for something to be done about signal jammers for years, which they say would make it impossible to use cell phones in South Carolina prisons.

Former Governor Nikki Haley was one of them. She spoke to the chairman of the FCC directly as they were looking into the issue last year. Another advocate is a former correctional officer.

Captain Robert Johnson used to work of Lee Correctional institution. In 2010 he says a prisoner used a cell phone to set up a hit on his life. Johnson was shot six times inside of his home. He still has the scars from where the bullets hit his body,

"They wanted me dead," says Johnson.

But Johnson survived. Soon after, Johnson started traveling the country telling his story. He says if the shooter thought a bullet would silence him, think again.

"I am not going to shut up. They thought I was a threat. They just don't know I am not going to stop talking," says Johnson, who claims he now carries a gun everywhere he goes.

Earlier this year, Johnson testified in front of the FCC. He thinks there needs to be something in place so that cell phone calls and text messages can not leave a prison, preventing prisoners from communicating the with outside world..

"I am speaking out because the public is not aware of the dangers these inmates and cell phones present."

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