Smoke detector awoke woman ahead of Johns Island fire, officials say

St. Johns Fire responding to a reported structure fire on Berryhill Rd

More than 30 firefighters responded to a fire on Berryhill Road on Johns Island Tuesday morning.

Crews from the St. Johns Fire Department and City of Charleston Fire Department responded to the call that came in at 3:44 a.m. after a woman was awoken by her smoke alarm.

Officials say the woman was able to get everyone up and out of the home. Flames shot through the roof as crews arrived and ran hoses from the nearest hydrant about 400 yards from the house.

The right side of the home had the most damage, officials say.

The cause of the fire is believed to be related to the use of an overloaded power strip, officials say.

“Early notification by the working smoke alarms in this home proved their value by increasing escape time for the occupants.” said Deputy Fire Marshal Rick Anewalt. “Many fires are caused by improper use and overloading of power strips, read the manufacturers recommendations before use.”

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